Government Gazette July - 07.07.2023

Sri Lanka Government Gazette published on July 07, 2023. It provides a brief overview of the content and date of the Gazette.
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Sri Lanka Government Gazette published on July 07, 2023. It provides a brief overview of the content and date of the Gazette.

The Sri Lanka Government Gazette is an official publication of the Sri Lankan government that contains legal and regulatory information, such as new laws, regulations, and policies specific to Sri Lanka. It typically includes notices, proclamations, appointments, and other official announcements related to the government of Sri Lanka.

The July issue of the Sri Lanka Government Gazette, published on July 07, 2023, might include information such as new laws that have come into effect in Sri Lanka, appointments to government positions in Sri Lanka, and updates on ongoing government projects in Sri Lanka. It may also contain information related to public health, safety, and welfare specific to Sri Lanka, as well as notices of public hearings and meetings held in Sri Lanka.


Date 07-07-2023
Language Tamil | Sinhala | English
Source Department of Government Printing



Department of Government Printing

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